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custom formulation services for supplements and botanicals

Custom Formulations for Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Health supplement manufacturing and production is booming. In 2021 the market value of the industry was estimated to be USD 151.9 billion [Grand View Research]! With a projected growth of 8.9% annually for the next decade it’s no wonder businesses both small and large as well as enterprising individuals are looking to find a way into the market. But while ideas for new or improved supplements and nutraceuticals might be the hot new start-up idea, the scientific formulation of those products might seem like a daunting barrier into the market. Luckily, private label manufacturers like Beehive Botanicals offer custom formulations for product concepts.

A revolutionary mix of vitamins. Natural products that can support health and wellbeing. Supplements for increased energy and focus. The ideas for new health supplements are endless. The chemical engineers and scientists at Beehive Botanicals are experts at bringing concepts like these into the real world by developing custom formulations for each new idea they’re presented with. And if you’re targeting specific certifications (organic, kosher, etc.), their certified facilities and processes are the perfect manufacturing option to house your venture.

Of course, a formula on paper is great, but building it out of premiere ingredients is the only way to make a true health promoting supplement a reality. Ingredients can of course be provided by clients, or Beehive Botanicals is able to source and oversee ingredient certification of analysis (COA), track safety data sheets, oversee certifications and is inbound tested for identity and micro biologicals. They can even provide strength and marker testing if the product requires it.

Once the formulation is locked in the ingredients have been sourced, a small batch run of a new nutraceutical or botanical can be a smart move for testing the market. Offering small batch sizes starting at 25,000 for straight herbal ingredients and 50,000 for a blend of ingredients Beehive Botanicals is able to get you the product you need with a complete supply chain housed entirely within their facilities. From capsule manufacturing to filling services (both powder and liquid) to bottling and packaging, their plant in Hayward, WI can do it all. The benefits to this in house supply chain are many:

Quick Production Times

Producing your small batch supplement quickly and flexibly is a great way to test the market as soon as possible and minimizing your upfront development costs. That way any customizations can be implemented rapidly, allowing clients to move to larger scale production and into a larger market while their product is still at peak viability.

Lower Costs

Cutting out middle-men and supply chain delays keeps prices down. Keeping prices down allows for larger margins. The math just makes sense!


When a product is manufactured from formulation to delivery in one facility, quality control is much easier to track. Every additional logistical step a supplement goes through increases the chance something could go wrong. Keeping quality control paramount means keeping it simple.

Beehive Botanicals prides themselves in providing their clients with safe, effective, quality supplements or botanicals in a timely manner and all manufactured here in the United States of America. So even if you’ve only got a concept, they’ve got the expertise to help get you started on a custom formulation and get you headed towards your first run. For pricing and question you can contact them via their website at or call directly at 800–233–4483.


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